Distillation Lab Report
Topics: Chemistry, Oxygen, Water, Acetic acid, Titration, Ethanol / Pages: 2 (418 words) / Published: Sep 25th, 2015


Purpose: To conduct the distillation process, simple or fractional.
1. Add 5ml of 20% ethanol: water mix to the distillation flask.
2. Add 23 stir bar
3. Make sure that the thermometer bulb is just below the Claisen Head, carefully. Be very gentle with the thermometers and take care not to break them.
4. Label 3 vials, 1,2, and 3.
5. Place receiving vial 1 on ice to collect the distillate
6. Start the distillation by piling up hot sand around the distillation flask with a spatula
7. Adjust the sand so that distillation occurs at a rate of 2 drops per minute.
8. Record the temperature versus the number of drops.
9. Collect up to 1ml in the 1st vial. Then 1 ml in vial 2 and vial 3.

-Post Distillation:
1. Add 2-3 calcium chlorite pallets for the first vial.
2. Carry our a chromic acid test for each of the 2 vials
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What did the results from the calcium chloride test show you?
It shows me that they stick together creating a positive charge.

2. What do the chromic acid test results show?
It shows the positivity that indicates the primary or secondary alcohol.

3. Compare results from both types of distillation?
They gave the same results, so it is more accurate.

Conclusion: During this lab I learn how to do simple and fractional distillation. Although the group I worked with only did simple distillation, I carefully observed how the group that did the fractional distillation. We collected all the results, to have a more precise range on what the results were. One way to produce an error in this process would have been if our procedures were done wrong or reversed or if we placed the compounds in a improper

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