Dissociative Identity Disorder

Topics: Dissociative identity disorder, Personality psychology, Dissociation Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Dissociative Identity Disorder
Dissociative Identity Disorder, or more commonly known as multiple personality disorder, is thought of to be a result of severe trauma. When a person has this disorder, they feel somewhat of a cessation to their mind. A person cannot properly connect to their personal feelings or sensations. They may not know who they are. It is thought that people who suffer traumatic situations in their childhood will suffer from this disorder. The actual cause of this disorder is still unknown. Although we do not know the cause, we do know that the majority of people who have suffered from this have dealt with a past disturbance. Either they were neglected as a child, or maybe even raped. We experience of more mild form of dissociation from time to time. This happens when we daydream or lose ourselves in a task we are working on. We tend to block out everything going on around us to focus on the task at hand. This mental process is thought of as an escape mechanism from the person who is suffering from the disease. If the person has experienced any form of abuse, losing themselves will help them forget it. His conscious self will not perceive what is going on; this is also known as a coping mechanism. Many people often wonder if this disorder is real. Even the most trained experts still question if it is even possible. When a person is suffering from this disorder it is made very apparent. When ones other personality appears they make it known. They want you to know that they are different from the person in which is normally present. Control plays a major role in this disorder. The main depiction of this disorder is when a person has a split personality, meaning two or more is present. A person may have more than one personality as well. Each personality has its own unique description. They each have their own gestures and distinction. The ages, sex, and race may differ as well. It has even been recorded that some personalities may pose as an...
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