Disney Selection Criteria

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Disney Selection Criteria

For every type of business to start, we first need to select the most suitable location for the business. A proper selection of the location will determine the fate of the business to success or fail. In our research for Disney we have chosen the location for Disney to expand to is Toronto, Canada.

Land is very important. When Disney first came into the world at Anaheim, Walt Disney soon came to realise that it needs to have a big piece of land to get a Disneyland Park running for example accommodations, restaurants and rides.

Secondly, we must understand the culture of the people that we are entering our business into. We would not want to fail just like Paris and Hong Kong. As we all know the phrase "History repeats itself" , we cannot suggest Disney to buy all the surrounding land to monopolize the area near Disneyland. Locals will see that Disney looks like dictator just like in Paris (Zimmer, 2012). We want to share the culture of Disneyland together with the local people not just aiming at their money spending their holidays in hotels and meals in the theme park.

In Hong Kong, local competition such as Ocean Park has been beating the number of visitors compared to Disneyland. Food served was also a factor that brings it to fail. It is Disneyland and it comes from America, they should serve burgers instead of Chinese food to share the American culture just like America (MacAusland, 2008). Serving Chinese food and dressing Mickey in a Chinese costume would not actually make the people to crave for Hong Kong Disneyland.

There is a phrase once said, "When you been to Disneyworld , you would not want to go to Disneyland". The reason is simply because that what Disneyland owns , Disneyworld has it better! Therefore Disney will need to do better to come out with more innovative rides to catch people's attention once again!

We have to make sure that all Disney employees speaks English although the local language is a must...
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