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Discussion Board #1
Answer the following questions in the Discussion Board after reading chapter 1 & 2. 1. Is it possible for an economy to be based entirely on services? I think so. It is possible for an economy to base itself solely on services and importing manufactured materials or raw materials from other countries. However, in real life, it is more "service dominant" than "service monopoly".

2. What is the value of self-service in an economy?
It can reduce labor costs. For example, I often eat outside at buffet restaurant. Those buffet restaurants provide self-service and customers can choose different kinds of food all by themselves. In this way, restaurants do not need too much chefs to cook, so they can hire a few chefs to deal with the daily culinary work.

3. What are the characteristics of services that will be most appropriate for Internet delivery? I think the most appropriate characteristics of services for Internet delivery is intangibility. For example, when I buy clothes online, I only can get the information from the pictures or the description of the clothes, but not touching or dressing the real clothes. When I receive the clothes, I can touch or dress it.

4. Illustrate the "distinctive characteristics of service operations" for a hospitality service with which you are familiar. Customer participation in the service process: When I studied at undergraduate school, I had a cooking class and made a cooking demo with the help of my professor. My work was to create the customers feedback card. I think get the feedback from customers is very important for service operations. In this way, I can improve the service and get more benefits from feedback.
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