Discuss the Various Alternatives to the Prison System as a Way of Reforming Offenders.

Topics: Prison, Community service, Suicide Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: July 22, 2013
Locking up criminals behind bars only puts them under isolation and manipulates minor offenders in becoming worst. Therefore it is a crucial concern for nations to reform these criminals and make them of good use later in society.The alternatives to prison system which may reform offenders include community services, drug treatment, educational and vocational training, rehabilitation with psychiatric help.

Community services can be given to minor offenders who impose no threat to society. The service may help offenders realise the harm they have inflicted and aid them in clearing their consciences. Community service has been widely accepted by countries across the world. Canada imposes community service in 79.76 percent of sentences, Australia in 77.48 percent, New Zealand 76.15 percent according to statistics.Simultaneously, the community benefits from these services as they save cost and educates the convicts.

Drug treatment targets non violent addicts with previous convictions.The program enables addicts to live independent of drugs and interact in a drug-free environment. The pioneering initiative is now run in at least 15 counties across New York State. 87% of the addicts are less likely than others to return to prison. Addicts who are unable to be rehabilitated are then sentenced to imprisonment. The program associates with family members to encourage and motivate these drug addicts to change behavior and enter treatment.

Educational and vocational training should be provided rather than sentencing imprisonment and allow prisoners to be in isolation. Educational training will provide a better image of the convict hence will be able to get a job after his sentence. An employer would employ a convict who is able to discipline himself and be educated, over a non-educated convict. This would ensure the convicts’ employability will not be at risk after imprisonment. Studies have found that as prisoners become more educated, their chances of...
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