Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation Presentation

Topics: Homosexuality, Discrimination, LGBT Pages: 6 (1818 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Discrimination based on sexual orientation presentation

In my part of this discrimination based on sexual orientation presentation I am going to discuss the following: * What discrimination is?
* Direct discrimination.
* Indirect discrimination.
* Victimisation.
* Extent of individual discrimination.
* Extent of institutional discrimination.

Discrimination occurs when a person is treated less favourably than another person in a similar situation and this treatment cannot be reasonably justified. Discrimination is prejudice toward members of minority or subordinate groups without considering the effects of prejudice and discrimination, discrimination often affects minority groups on the basis of age, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, etc. If a person or group of people are treated unfairly in areas of public life such as employment, recruitment, customer service and advertising on the basis of their sexual orientation then this is unlawful discrimination. Discriminators don’t always consider the effect of prejudice and discrimination. * Sexual discrimination is also known as ‘homophobia’, this means it covers a wide range of different viewpoints and attitudes Towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. * Homophobia is generally defined as hostility towards and or fears of gay people, however it can also refer to social ideologies which stigmatise homosexuality. * This type of Discrimination begins with Negative feelings or attitudes towards non-heterosexual or (non straight) behaviour, identity, relationships and community, this can lead to homophobic behaviour and attitudes. * This is the root of the discrimination experienced by many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender or (LGBT) people for short. * Homophobia manifests itself in different forms, for example homophobic jokes, physical and verbal attacks, discrimination in the workplace and negative press coverage. * Discrimination against anyone is wrong this chart shows how serious this form of bulling is and how deadly the consequences can be :

* Although in many societies gay men and lesbians are more accepted now than they were in the past, homophobia continues to be prominent around the world and in different cultures it is illegal to be gay, bisexual and transgender. * Heterosexist and homophobia are the result of ignorance about sexual orientation and gender identity issues. Educating society about these issues can help combat fear and discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people * Lgbt people are more likely to experience depression and rejection by friends and/or family, acceptance and understanding can even be a matter of life and death, since the risk of suicide in lgbt adolescents is two to three times greater than in their straight counterparts

Statistics show that>

This shows how discrimination can affect people’s mental health.
Direct discrimination
* Direct discrimination is to directly treat a person or group of people differently because of their sexual orientation and it is against the law in the UK. Direct discrimination occurs when a person treats you less favourably than he or she treats or would treat other persons and it’s based on the grounds of your sexual orientation. * One example of this in employment is where a person is dismissed on the grounds of his or her sexuality. In a non-employment situation, this would include situations like refusing to allow a lesbian or gay man to stay in holiday accommodation. * Bourn and Whitmore define direct discrimination as: “Discrimination which entails treatment of a person on one of the aforementioned grounds (for example, gender), which has an adverse impact on him or her by comparison with the treatment afforded to persons not of the group in question”. * Because of the Sexual Orientation Regulations Act 2003, there have been a number of...
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