Topics: Decision theory, Teacher, Evaluation, Cognition / Pages: 1 (396 words) / Published: Jul 16th, 2015
1. What is the role of the principal in enforcing school, teacher, and student-related policies?
The principal is the standard bearer, it is the job of the principal to not necessarily enforce the policies, but to ensure that they are being upheld, and if needed enforced. This is an area where distributed leadership is key, but the example has to be set by the principal. That means that the expectations from the principal should be clear on all policies and on how they are to be enforced. One of the biggest ways to do this is to have the principal model what they expect as it relates to the school, the teachers, and to some extent the students. The principal’s role is to follow up of policy and procedure within the distributed leadership model, and to ensure that those who are doing the enforcing are doing so in an equitable manner.
2. What are the legal consequences for failing to enforce these policies?
The consequence for a principal that first comes to mind is the threat of being sued. This is only preceded by the possibility of losing your job. These two will go hand in hand depending on what policy was not enforced and how egregious the error. As it related to a student, failure to follow policy will always put your job in jeopardy as the principal, the same holds true for parents. When a school policy has not been followed, it may depend on the district in term of what consequence will be administered.
3. How does the principal enact policy-based decision making that is consistent with the school vision?
The best way is to always assess how any policy-based decision does directly or indirectly affect the school. This is done by have a school vision that is known, and understood by all, and one that is taken into consideration and discussed when making any decision that will affect the school. What is most import is to determine how to best carry out policy in a way that is not only consistent with, but supports the school vision. This is something that

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