Disaster Recovery

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Media Madness

Disaster Recovery Plan Overview


Loki Consulting, Inc.
Iris Morgan
Heather German
Gwen Northrup


Loki Consulting, Inc. was established in 1997 as a result of Hurricane Fran. Many businesses were devastated by the storm due to the absence of a disaster recovery plan. Realizing the need for disaster recovery consultation, Loki Consulting, Inc. was created to provide businesses with expert knowledge on implementing a critical component of any organization large or small. Loki Consulting, Inc. has more than 20 years of experience in implementing effective and successful disaster recovery plans. Media Madness was established in the early 90's as an on-line media store supplying learning materials to private schools. Due to the No Child Left Behind Act, initiated by the Bush Administration, the NC Public School systems were faced with the challenge of providing quality learning resources for children while operating on a fixed budget. Media Madness secured the bid to provide materials to all public school systems within North Carolina, provided that the company incorporates a disaster recovery plan into its business procedures, specifically designed for their data center. Loki Consulting, Inc. was hired by Media Madness to make recommendations for implementing a disaster recovery plan for their data center. Loki Consulting has scheduled a meeting with Media Madness's Executive Board to present their proposal for a contingency plan. Currently Media Madness does not have a disaster recovery plan in place and recent expansion deemed it necessary to undertake this comprehensive project.


More and more businesses recognize the importance of having a Disaster Recovery Solution to react to a disaster or other serious events. Creation of a solid disaster recovery plan is the first critical step to ensuring that your business information will survive a disaster. If your business normal operation depends on your IT e-resources (e-mail, web, database), then you need a Disaster Recovery plan. Now is the best time to get started with the help of Loki Consulting, Inc. Currently, Media Madness does not have a contingency plan for its data center in the event of a natural or intentional disaster such as a tornado, flood, fire, system failure, etc. If a disaster should occur the company would be incapable of recovering any data stored in their data center. All company and customer information would be permanently lost including customer profiles, payment information, customer orders, company hardware and software, vendor profiles, company information, sales, marketing, revenue loss, job loss etc. The company's day-to-day business operations would come to a standstill and ultimately shut down. Additionally, it would take Media Madness months to recover and resume normal business operations and without a disaster recovery plan the data may never be restored. The worse case scenario would be that the organization never recovers and files bankruptcy leaving all customers, vendors, employees, creditors investors in the dark.

Loki Consulting, Inc. offers selectable methodologies that may be combined for accomplishing a business continuity project. These methods incorporate traditional planning approaches and alternatives. Based on an organizations recovery strategies, wants or needs many combinations of methodologies may be used. Loki Consulting, Inc. offers a 9-Step Program incorporating organization's wants and needs into an effective and efficient Disaster Recovery Plan (DR Plan). Simply stated, it is identifying business requirements, risks, critical business systems, key personnel, and single points of failure.

The initial start-up phase of the project is the formulation the Project Team. This includes an Executive Sponsor, Project Manager, and additional key personnel. Once identified, the project team should begin the business impact...

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