FXT2 Task3

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Earthquake located on the San Andreas Fault line


Information Needed
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Name of Organization:

Type of Organization:
501(c)(3) charity
(Coastal, Inland, or Southern)

Completed by:

Darian DeSombre
Date report completed:

Type of event, training, or exercise: (actual event, table top, functional or full-scale exercise, pre-identified planned event, training, seminar, workshop, drill, game, etc.) Actual Event
Summary of the Disaster:

An Earthquake that registered 7.8 on the Richter Scale which lasted approximately 1 minute caused catastrophic damage to the City of Berkeley and LPHG. As a result of the Earthquake 31 employees perished including 1 as a result of the H1Z1 virus which had an outbreak in the wake of the catastrophe. The damage and loss of life has caused significant delays to the release of LPHG's release of EFHG. DRP Documents: (e.g., disaster recovery plan, backup plans etc.) Include specific details about the documents, including completeness. The Disaster Preparedness plan was not written as thoroughly as possible and left little direction to the disaster recovery team. it was missing major information, such as a list of critical services, Employee contact information and vendor contact information. The Business Impact analysis for this type of scenario or any disaster was never completed so there was little information to help the disaster preparedness team as far as how this disaster will impact the organizations operations. The Backup Policy was written thoroughly and included information on the backup schedule and storage locations. It also listed the backup methods used and the length of time full backups were kept for. The document also included instructions to restore data from both differential and full backups, but did not address what to do in a disaster scenario such as this. Lastly, the document does not address data storage at an offsite location, which would be beneficial if the whole campus is lost during an emergency. Post-Disaster Response Summary:

Because the DRP was not completed properly there was not enough information available to employees, and they were not able to respond properly. They had to find employees names and addresses on their own since this information was missing from the DRP. Since no Business Impact analysis was done for this type of situation there was no relevant information available to help the DR team members through this specific situation. One bright spot is that they organizations data has been protected.

Strengths of Disaster Response EVALUATION

Strength #1:
Strength Details:
Summary of Strength:

The Backup plan was set up and in place and data was protected and stored in multiple locations to ensure its safety. Additionally, the data retention policy made sure that full backups were kept for a period of at least 2 weeks and that differential backups were used in addition to full backups. Contributing Factors:

There was a data backup plan in place
Policies were clearly outlined in the Backup and Recovery Policy document, and were being followed


The Backup and Recovery Policy was able to provide enough documentation to explain procedures for backing up data. Positive Consequences:

Because the Policy was in place and was being followed, the Organization was able to retain all of its data through this disaster. once normal operations resume that data can be restored. Ways to Improve:

The locations of data storage should be revised to allow for an offsite storage location. currently both data storage locations are located on campus. At least one of these locations needs to be changed to an offsite location to allow for greater chance of data retention in case a disaster strikes that wipes out the whole campus.

Strength #2:
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