Disadvantages To Online Shopping

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Online Shopping
It is safe to say that the internet has changed the way we live our lives, whether it is the way we connect with friends on social media sites, the way we play games, and the way we shop. Even for the minor proportion of people who do not purchase products over the internet, tend to search prices and product specifications online before buying from any retail shop. This paper will examine the history of online. It will also explore the benefits and risks of online shopping. The last portion of the paper will include safety precautions that users can implement to prevent fraud and security breaches. First: Origin of online shopping.

According to Salman Siddiqui, author of “ The Evolution Of Online Shopping- 60’s to the 90’s”, The term online shopping or “ Web store” was invented and pioneered by Michael Aldrich, an English inventor (2002.) In 1979, Aldrich connected a domestic television to a real-time multi-user processing computer, creating a system that is use between businesses. In 1990, however, Tim Berners-Lee created the first World Wide Web server and browser, which were opened for commercial use a year later. In 1994, the trends of online banking and the integration of online pizza ordering took place. Ever since then the internet has experience exponential growth, making possible for people all around the world to buy anything they want, whenever they want.

Second: Benefits of Online shopping:
According to Diana Ransom, author of “ Personal Business: Online Shopping Sites With Extra Benefits”, online shopping includes many benefits that include: price and selection, information and reviews, accessibility and convenience, money saving, Buying Old or unused Stuff at low prices, and discreet purchasing (2007). One of the main benefits of online shopping is the variety of prices and selections that are offered over the World Wide Web. When online shopping, a costumer may use different websites to compare prices and bargain for the ones that they want such as eBay, Price Grabber, and Biz Rate. Online-based stores also offer a wide variety of selections for users to choose from. The second benefit of online shopping is the ability to find relevant information and reviews from other costumers. In today’s world, most companies depend on the Word of Mouth method to market and promote their products. Therefore, they allow costumers to comment and rate their products and services. Online stores must also provide relevant information about the products such as text, photos, and multimedia files that will assist the consumer with their purchasing decision. There are also many websites dedicated to share reviews for different products and services such as Yelp, and Angie’s list. The third benefit of online shopping is accessibility. Online-based stores are easily accessible to all consumers all around the world. With an internet connection, people are able to browse online stores and purchase products at the convenient of their own homes. On the contrary, to visit a retail store requires driving there. According to Virginia Postrel, author of “Economic Scene; Selection ranks above price among the benefits of shopping online”, consumers are also limited to the operating hours of such store (2004). The fourth benefit that online shopping offers is saving money. According to Anamika, author of “Top 10 Benefits of Online Shopping,” Establishing an online store allows the owner or merchant them opportunity to cut down the prices of their products significantly, by reducing labor costs (2013). Online shopping also provides consumers with the chance of buying old or used products at lower prices such as electronics and used books. Examples of such websites include Amazon, eBay, and Chegg. Online shopping is also extremely beneficial for purchasing antiques that cannot be found in retail shops. The last benefit that online shopping offers consumers the ability to shop discreetly. Some consumers...

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