Disadvantages Of Moving Out West

Topics: Agriculture, Poverty, United States Pages: 1 (223 words) Published: December 1, 2015

Years have passed since the Civil War, and this town has deteriorated. A life of a farmer out west can do some justice since struggling to make ends meet are all that seems to be happening. As more neighbors leave and businesses shut down, the temptation of leaving also is growing stronger. Raising a family and living a long life is most important to this life that I have. For me, moving out west to be a farmer is the likely way to go.
Being a farmer presents the opportunity of having a family. Cowboys and miners have the disadvantage of always being in harms way. Whether it’s being trapped in a cave or being shot by an enemy, neither are very safe. Not conducive to raise a family. In addition, farming can contribute to a good food source....
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