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Extreme sports are some special sport disciplines that only a small number of people in the world participate in. The reason for this are the special conditions under which the sports are done. Extreme sports are much more dangerous than ordinary sports. They are done in extreme conditions, for example in places that are remote and inaccessible, or in bad weather. There is a big risk of injury for the sportspeople. They often risk their lives if something goes wrong. However, this is exactly why some people find extreme sports so attractive

Should extreme sports be banned as they put people s lives at risk

Extreme sports have become popular in the last two decades. For may people practising them is the only way of living.For them the adrenaline is the most important thing in their lives and that s why they must try even more and more dangerous things. But, of course, that s not the only reason. Extreme sports are trendy and many people practise them just because of that fact.It s true, that extreme sports, like bungee jumping, canyoning, rafting, ice climbing, snowboarding, surfing, parachute jumping, paragliding or mountaineering always bring a risk. Even if you are very good sportsman you must know that only one, small mistake can be very dangerous and can cause your death.Alhought many people die every year making extreme sports, the number of courageous is higher and higher. But its question of choice what are we doing in ours lives. For many people extreme sports are the only way of living. They have to feel adrenaline, they want to break their own records, they want to feel free. They usually say: there is a risk, there is a fun , but they know that they do it at one's peril.Extreme sports often are an escape from reality, from stress and from monotony.You don t have to think about your problems. You just think about yourself, you can relax, and prove that you can do things which are admired by other people. There is even a special TV channel-...
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