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Topics: Customer service, NFL Sunday Ticket, Customer Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: February 2, 2013
A review of DirecTV
In early September 2011 after watching a DirecTV commercial I made the decision to call for more information about their product. After speaking to a representative for approximately 45 min. I decided to schedule an installation at my home. What I should've done before that was to ask a few more questions regarding the contract I was about to sign. What I found out is that DirecTV is actually two products advertised as one and is not until the second year of your contract that you realize things aren't exactly what they're cracked up to be. In reality, DirecTV lies to its customers in order to secure signature on a contract.

I like everyone else had seen the commercials with all the channels, premium channels, sports packages only available with DirecTV. I wholeheartedly admitted I was blinded by the NFL Sunday ticket. To be able to watch every single NFL game of the season and not miss a simple play in the red zone, well it's just about every guys dream, and I bought into that hook, line, and sinker.

Year one of your DirecTV contract is what I like to call the good year. I call it that because of all the DirecTV customers I spoke to, myself included, nobody had an issue with this company in the first year of service. The price was as agreed upon, all the channels are there and all the equipment worked as advertised. In fact the first year in my own opinion is perfect, but it is not one-year contract but instead a two-year commitment.

The second year of your deal with this company is the one where everything changes. The prices go up, extra channels are lost, and the lies come to the surface. The representative doesn't bother to tell you when you are signing up that the two years of your contract will be so drastically different or just not much you can do about it when you find out. I goes far as to say that the customer service even changes in the second year of the contract. DirecTV spent thousands of dollars in legal fees to...
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