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When it comes to cable services, customers are looking for the best variety at the best price. In today’s economy, cable services are far from inexpensive and most are not willing to accept or pay for these services without first researching their options. The question lies as to which provider will offer you what you are looking for at the most reasonable price point.

I have chosen to compare TELUS and Shaw as they are amongst the leading cable providers in today’s residential market. Though both providers offer the same overall service package, there are some hidden details that set the two apart.

Shaw offers three different types of service packages with a current promotion; if services are ordered online, the customer will receive one month of free service and free one time installation of the new products. These packages are broken down as follows –
Personal: $39.90/month Standard
Includes: Over 100 channels (HD & SD)
Personal + Best of HD: $74.90/month Standard
Includes: Personal package features w/additional 28 channels (HD & SD)
Premier TV + Best of HD: $89.90/month
Includes: Over 150 Channels (HD & SD)

In contrast TELUS currently offers four service packages, and when signing up for a three year contract including internet, the customer receives a 42” LG Smart TV free of charge. These packages are broken down as follows –

Essentials: $25/m for 6 months, $34/m Includes: 126 local & US channels, (HD & SD)
Select: $40/m for 6 months, $73/m
Includes Essential package features w/ 6 theme packages, (HD & SD)
Optimum: $50/m for 6 months, $86/m
Includes Essential package features w/ 9 theme packages (HD & SD)
Platinum: $60/m for 6 months, $ 98/m
Includes Essentials package features w/ 11 theme packages (HD & SD)

Each of Shaw’s packages also comes with a standard HD box and the option to upgrade to either a HD PVR box or a Gateway Whole Home PVR box with the option to rent, “smart pay” (make monthly payments to own), or buy at

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