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Topics: Document, Individual, Agreement Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: October 10, 2014
agreed ways of working is meant by all parties involving the individual, agreeing to the same arrangements. regular meetings and care plans to be regularly updated, the individuals care plan is an agreed ways of working, as it been discussed and documented down, for example the said individual is a lady, she needs full care, and takes two care assistants to assist, she also doesn't weight bear well, so she needs a standing aid, they are agreed ways of working. also polices and procedures are an agreed ways of working.

it is very important to have full and up-to-date details of agreed ways of working because it is a legal document, and it is agreed that the individuals care should be done in the way that has been agreed, also needs to be updated regularly incase the individuals care needs change, for example the said individual now needs a full hoist instead of a standing aid. this is important because if its not updated, care staff could still use a standing aid and therefore cause the risk of an injury to the individual and possibly the care home being sued.

it is important that social care staff workers follow guidance about the limits of their job role because its safe practice and also the care staff knows what they are doing. you could also say the guidance to your limits about your job role, could be always be professional, don't not take on more than you can handle. if you are not trained on using the hoist you must not use it. it is against the law and unsafe practice to use the hoist if your not fully trained and competent to use it.
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