Dino Grow Lab

Topics: Measurement, Hypothesis, Scientific method Pages: 3 (503 words) Published: December 16, 2009
Nicholas Pancerella
Dino Grow Lab

I. Introduction

The purpose of this experiment was to see if these toy dinosaurs would grow six times larger than their original size, as the package stated, if they were soaked in water for four days. My hypothesis for this experiment is that if the dinosaur is soaked in water for four days, then the dinosaur would grow six times larger than its original size in all four categories of measurement (mass, length, volume, and width).

II. Materials

• toy dinosaurs
• water
• graduated cylinder
• scale
• ruler with metric measurements
• calculator
• container to hold dinosaurs soaked in water

III. Procedure
1. Before soaking the dinosaurs in water, we took measurements of these dinosaur’s mass, length, volume, and density. 2. After taking the measurements, we let the dinosaurs soak in water for four days. 3. After four days, we removed the dinosaurs from the water and measured their mass, length, volume and density. 4. After taking our final measurements we calculated percent change between the initial and final measurements, and we constructed a conclusion .

IV. Data

|Data Measurements |Before |After |Percent Changed | |Mass (grams) |3.2 |47.1 |1472% | |Length (centimeters) |5.9 |10.3 |175% | |Volume (milliliters) |4 |45 |1125% | |Density (grams per milliliter) |0.8 |1.05 |131% |

V. Data Analysis

As shown on my table, mass and volume...
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