Digital Divide

Topics: Education, Internet, History of the Internet Pages: 5 (1462 words) Published: July 1, 2013
The belief of the Digital Divide relates to our subject matter in communications, is the Divide concerning those who have access to the internet and those who don’t. There is a high number of Americans and people world-wide whom go online, as well as have access to the internet, and there is a large margin amongst individuals who have access to technology and persons who do not may be broadening. It also has meant that there is a divide among groups of individuals centered on one or more facets of cultural or social identity. However, there is a question, that has to be asked, what does digital divide mean to educators and how does it affect them trying to teach students who don’t have access to it at home? Also, what does digital divide mean for schools as well as the world? Technology is important to student learning. The power of the World Wide Web on education and in each attribute of our community is philosophical. Access to the info accessible from cyber-space is vital because the data or information can be used in sequence or it can be a habitual part of the everyday life for teaching education, occupational transactions, information gathering, individual communication, employment searches and development for potential careers. Chun stated, “The framework of talent, technology, and tolerance requires amplification as universities seek to maximize their talent potential and respond to the urgent pressure and opportunities of globalization” (Chun, 2009, p. 18). By means of bringing to a close the digital divide, individuals would be handed equal opportunities to connect, convey, and communicate as well as maintain their quality of life. The digital divide is authenticated, bona fide, and widens the communication gap. “The inadequacy of essential technology correlated abilities; such as operating a mouse on a computer and typing, utilizing e-mail, finding info on the internet, employing spreadsheet and word processing programs is a strong indication of the necessity for course of action that has brought attention to this issue” (Mossberger, et. al., 2003, p. 38). Seeing as technology remains to pervade our day-to-day life, it has turns out to be necessary to possess a laptop or computer just to contend in world nowadays. Gathering and knowing Information is the key to knowledge and knowledge equals power. In the present day’s society has altered from an industrialized and manufacturing society to a communicational technology based society. Technology competence has grown into a moneymaking requirement. The professional business world has implemented technology; so much of the business in the near future or employment will entail people knowing how to use and operate a computer as well as have computerized skills. It is now left up to schools to teach their students computer skills to undergo the challenge. Whether the immediate bases are cultural, ethnic, geographical, or social, nevertheless, the digital divide looks to emerge from a greater financial gap. According to statistics done by education weekly, approximately 20 % of people in the United States, nevertheless currently don’t have Internet access. Whether it’s by choice or whether it’s because many are troubled of the outcome or risks that comes along with having the internet, or because the cost is too pricey for them to afford, has yet to be concluded. However, there are some methods wherein the federal government, companies, major corporations and people could assist in eliminating the divide. Firstly, the government officials can work harder with their lawyers to put in place a form of regulation, eliminating the "we can do whatever we want" attitude of those providing the Internet service. (Chun, 2009) Among these tenures, and power of the Internet, the government should get rid of the fees that are accompanied with getting the service and paying for it monthly at a high price. The concern of digital divide is a principal concern teacher and...
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