Differneces and Similiarities of 13 colonies

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New England: The New England Colonies were in the northern part of the territory, therefor this region had the longer winters of all and short summers that were mild. The climate was a benefit since it prevented deadly diseases from spreading but it has a negative side as well: the harsh winters killed lots of people.

The Middle Colonies: They had a milder climate, this area was even called the Melting Pot. Their climate was perfect for farming, it was even called “Bread Basket” because of their plantations and harvests of wheat. They had hot, long summers but also long and cold winters. The springs were rainy and cloudy.

Southern Colonies: This region had the warmest climate of the English colonies. They had hot summers and mild winters. Since they counted with plentiful rain, the climate was ideally suited for plantations but the negative side was that their hot climate spread diseases that killed the colonists.

The climate of the New England Colonies was very similar to England or France. It was a maritime climate, meaning that it has a temperature cooler in the summer but warmer in the winter.


New England:
-Religion: Presbyterians were well represented, they also had a Congregational Church. When it comes to religious toleration, Massachusetts was the least tolerant but Rhode Island was one of the most liberal. -Government: the governor was elected by the people in Rhode Is. and Connecticut -Literature: in the area of Massachusetts, Cotton Mather and Jonathan Edwards wrote widely read religious tracts -Education: The puritans’ emphasis on learning the Bible led them to create the first tax-supported schools. A Massachusetts law required towns with over 50 families to establish primary schools for boys and towns with over a 100 families to establish grammar schools. The first college, Harvard, was founded in the area of Massachusetts, later Yale was founded in Connecticut.

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