Different Type Of Computer Systems

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Different Types of
Computer Systems

This is a presentation describing the purposes of
PCs, laptops, netbooks, PDAs, tablets & servers.

General purpose computer
This computer is designed to perform and is capable of
performing in a reasonably efficient manner, the functions
required by both scientific and business applications. Note: A general purpose computer is often understood to be a
large system, capable of supporting remote terminal
operations, but it may also be a smaller computer, e.g., a
desktop workstation. General purpose computers are
common in all public sectors of work including schools,
small hospitals (receptionists etc.) and offices.

The purpose of laptops is to provide users with the
capabilities of a desktop computer in an easier way by
making the system portable. However laptops generally
tend to be slower and have less graphical and sound
capabilities than a desktop PC. Family homes generally
use laptops due to their portability.


A netbook is a low power notebook that has less
processing power than a laptop but has a much
larger battery life. Netbooks are however able to use
word processors which makes them popular for
schools and businesses as it’s far more portable than
a standard laptop.


A PDA (personal digital assistant) is a handheld
device which has telephone/fax, computing and
networking features. PDA’s are generally used
outside of the workspace to communicate with
others via texting/calling.


A tablet is a wireless computer with a touch screen.
Usually tablets comes with a stylus.
They’re also very portable and most are very stylish
Tablets are commonly used in presentations to
accompany a presentation screened via a projector.


Servers are computer programs which provide
services to other computer programs (including their
users) in the same or other computers. They are
commonly used by big businesses to keep very
popular websites stable & also in some cases
scientists to research new things.

I think that a desktop PC would be the best suited for
the following reasons:

It’s cheaper than other systems.

Desktop PC’s are capable of handling powerful
applications and also general purpose ones.

Compatible with many external devices i.e. USBs,
CD/DVDs, memory cards, floppy discs.

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