different impacts of change, Robert Frosts "Out Out", "Road NotTaken" and image of Spencer Platts "moment of impact"

Topics: Person, Robert Frost, Poetry Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: November 7, 2013
Change is unique to each and every one of us and does not impact on each person equally. It is an extremely common thing and it affects our lives differently with everything we say and do. This idea about change is central in the texts , "Out Out" by Robert frost , "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost, and the image "Moment of impact" photographed by Spencer Platt. These texts explore the idea that change does not impact on each person equally, the change that an individual makes shapes their future and that change can be interpreted according to the perspectives of the people involved.  

Robert Frost bases most of his poems on the belief that not all change affects people in the same way. “Out Out” is a narrative poem that details the death of a farm boy due to a machine accident. A feature of interest though is the change in tone throughout the poem. This is seen in the line “And they, since they were not the one dead turned to their affairs” this reflects the indifference of people towards change if they are not directly impacted by it. The foreshadowing of the repeated line “snarled and rattled” uses the language feature onomatopoeia and indicates the foreseeable future of the consequences of sending a boy in to do a man’s job; but this is tragically ignored and eventually leads to his death. Contextually this may reflect Frosts comment on WW1 and mechanisation, an example of this is how the changes that the Generals and officers in command made during WW1 impacted on their lives differently than it did on the soldiers and citizens of that time.

Change is individual to each person and it shapes the very essence of our lives; past present and future. We can see in Robert Frost’s poem "The Road Not Taken" that he is faced with a difficult decision that is going to shape his and his family’s future. He uses imagery and metaphor to describe a choice between two very similar paths, he then shifts into future tense in the line "I shall be telling this with a...
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