Differences Between the North and South

Topics: Slavery in the United States, American Civil War, Slavery Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: April 17, 2012
Tytiana Washington Apush Different Views

For many years the North and the South tried to live in harmony even though they had opposing views. The North was slowly growing a strong hate for slavery while the South strongly depended on it. So for years they try to avoided confrontation, but the question of slavery still threatened to divide them. You see this in the Missouri Compromise – Maine would enter as a free state and Missouri would enter as a slave state, but in the rest of the Louisiana Territory north of 36’30° slavery was prohibited. After a while both states interpretations were way too different to live under the same roof. Each side felt like they had a strong argument, the North feeling like slavery was unjust and the South feeling it does well for the institution.

In the late 1700s slavery was seen as something that was soon going to die out. This soon took a turn in in 1793 when Eli Whitney created the cotton gin. The cotton gin separated short- cotton from its seeds efficiently. The South became very dependent on this, giving them more of a reason to have slaves. William Harper felt the abolishment of slavery would put an end to the cultivation of the great Southern staple (Doc B). The South is made up of large plantations giving a great need for cheap labor. Letting go of slavery would be very hard considering they had many inventions of laborsaving devices such as, the water frame and the cotton gin, which made the plantation system more profitable and increased the demand for slaves. Slaveholders’ traditional claim was that blacks were happy and content in bondage. They claimed that slaves were treated better in the South than were white workers in Northern factories. Slaveholders...
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