Differences Between Culture And Culture

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It is common in a country that in our foreign language teaching, we are not only taught the Mother Tongue but also we are taught the culture of that nation. Cultural and language are closely related, inseparable. Language is a mean of culture transportation and culture contained in language. It has been said and written that language is the crystallization of national culture, through language and texts, culture values are handed down. In the future, thanks to language, culture will have chances to have development. The transformation and development of language always go in parallel with changes and cultural developments. So if you want to study the cultural depth of a nation, they have to the study language well; and of course, if you want...

When a person has a sufficient grasp of the language knowledge but unable to explain satisfactorily a foreign language, the main reason is maybe that they do not have enough knowledge of the language context. Due to differences in aesthetics, ways of thinking, the notion of value, psychological characteristics and practices of each nation, interpretation and expression of the same things could be different. So it is hard to sometimes lead to misunderstandings in the contact is unavoidable.
II. Cultural differences cause language differences
Each nation has its own outlook, and each development from its own unified set of rules that will be handed down from generation to generation. Gradually, these factors are considered as the necessary factors in people’s life. From that, culture values are formed. Due to the differences in social background and geographic situations in each nation or even in different places of a country, culture has more differences and less similarity. The influence of culture on language is mainly expressed in language using; so, I will emphasize you the influence of cultural differences on language.
1. How to...

When giving responses, people can respond in a way that is not exactly, or even do not answered. If these questions are translated into English and French, they would be the obvious questions and they are necessary to answer. In case we greet the French and American things like that, there can be misunderstandings since they greet each other by saying things like: Bonjour, Good morning ... It is opposite to us when we would like to greet in that way, there is no need to say clearly that it is exactly in afternoon, or in...
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