Did the Women in World War 2 Have an Effect on the Victories?

Topics: World War II, World War I, Royal Air Force Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: October 2, 2012
Lola Khudaykulova
Women in War
Women helped out as much as they could during the war, overcame many hardships when it came to raising their families, and made historical changes that led to the modernized image of women today.

Women during World War II were on the home front helping out as much as they could. Many Canadian women never enlisted in the Armed Services, they felt they were needed at home to raise families, crops for food, and to fill the jobs that men had vacated in order to serve their country. Being a young, single woman had its advantages. Job opportunities were everywhere. For married women, the task wasn’t quite so simple, especially if they had children. However, they learned to manage, they were determined to defend their country in whatever way they could and serve they did. Hundreds of Canadian women worked in machine shops, welding shops and manufacturing plants, making the equipment that was necessary to fight a war like bombs and weapons for the men and women in the Armed Services. Not only were they expected to work in the jobs the men had left, they were expected to keep a neat, tidy house and raise children. Luxuries were few and far between. “Women in overalls and a bandana on posters everywhere became a symbol of service to Canada.” (Wilson 267) Teens girls were also contributing during the war; while the mothers were at work, teen girls took care of the children and maintained cleanliness around the house. With World War II came the dire need for employees in the workplace. Had women not step in, the economy would have collapsed. In the end, at the time of the Second World War; females were on the home front doing anything they could to help the war effort and yet at the same time, they were managing to keep their womanly duties stable. These efforts eventually gave women more recognition and led to simple but important changes in the long run.

Not only were Canadian women on the home front during...
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