Diarrhea 1

Topics: Cancer, Digestion, Ulcerative colitis Pages: 4 (462 words) Published: December 14, 2014

Gastrointestinal Disease: Diarrhea
Deanndra Johnson
November 15th, 2014
Bruce Gould 

Diarrhea is the frequent passage of watery stools and results when the contents of the small intestines are  rushed through the large intestines(University of Phoenix, 2014). This occurs when the small intestines and the  colon do not absorb enough water or the undigested, liquid food passes too quickly through the small  intestines and colon for enough water to be removed(“Medicinenet.com”, 1996-2014). This  condition can be very serious and can lead to other issues, depending on your health or it can be  treated without even seeing a doctor. There are different issues associated with diarrhea. It can  be a result or side affect of many different issues like allergies, medications,dehydration,  infections, radiation therapy, some cancers, laxative abuse and many other factors  (“Webmd.com”, 2005-2014). 

When it comes to the less complicated issues dealing with diarrhea like allergies,  dehydration or infections you can make changes in your life to help deal with diarrhea. I would  say you need to hydrate yourself on a regular basis. Not with things like soda or juice. You nee to  drink water and drinks with electrolytes added to then like Gatorade. For children they should  drink pedialyte. This especially needed when a person exercises on a regular basis because  you loose a lot of nutrients when you sweat and they need to be replenished. It can be hard to  keep your body hydrated with the right things during your daily activities. You go to work,  take care of you family, try to work out and in doing all of this you can neglect yourself and get  sick because you are doing so much. It can be difficult because you are so busy taking care of  everyone else. But when you get that feeling in your stomach and it’s diarrhea you think about  yourself then but it’s too late. 

In my opinion, I would choose...

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