Diana George Changing The Face Of Poverty Analysis

Topics: Poverty, Poverty in the United States / Pages: 5 (1008 words) / Published: Jan 30th, 2018
Throughout the text, “Changing the Face of Poverty,” Diana George is certainly precise when claiming that the common representations of poverty limit our understanding of it. She expresses that most of our knowledge of poverty becomes misinterpreted due to advertisements, media, and images. Consequently, the way that we look at poverty focuses around that in which is in third-world countries, but poverty can be anywhere, even in your backyard. American citizens are the audience for the text, because Americans typically portray as being wealthy, happy people who are oblivious to the poverty-stricken areas surrounding them. Diana George’s, “Changing the Face of Poverty” expresses to its readers that non-profit organizations such as Habitat for …show more content…
One organization that she talks about is Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity illustrates sundry misconceptions of poverty. George expresses that Habitat for Humanity is less subsidiary than it authentically seems. The non-profit organization genuinely increase the chances of people being in debt and oversimplifies how to address the quandary of poverty. George writes about how some organizations use pictures of starving children who are in poverty at their worst. The portrayal is misrepresented due to the viewer not being able to visually perceive the entirety of the situation that the individual is in. George states that “the real trouble with Habitat’s representation, then, is twofold: it tells us that the signs of poverty are visible and easily recognized” (681). In this statement George is expressing that this organization is falsely exhibiting poverty. This statement sums up George’s thoughts about Habitats representation of poverty and how most American citizens will be able to recognize the situation and feel sympathy for what is going on in other components of the world. Although George seems rigorous about her opinions of Habitat for Humanity, she states, “To be very clear, then, I am not criticizing the work of Habitat for Humanity” (678). She then goes on to give credit to the organization for doing an astonishing job on displaying a world-wide problem, but you can tell by the tone of the whole text her opinion on how she doesn’t agree with how they display the world-wide issue. Throughout the whole text, George expresses her thoughts about the non-profit organization, Habitat for Humanity, and shows off the many imperfections that are represented such as only accentuating one side of the issue while ignoring the less rigorous levels of

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