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Sarah Darweesh
English 1201
Professor Justin
June, 1 2015

“Changing the Face of Poverty” Diana George – Text Questions (1-4)

How according to Diana George, Is poverty represented by nonprofit agencies such as Habitat for Humanity? What problem does George identify as a result of such representation?
Poverty is represented by the depiction of needy dirt and rags and helplessness
Third world countries, homeless

George open her analysis with a bell hooks quote, followed by descriptions of how frequently she encounters charities near Thanksgiving, how do the quote by bell hooks and George’s anecdote appeal to different AUDIENCES?
The Quote “Constructively changing the ways the poor are presented in every aspect of life is one progressive intervention that can challenge everyone to look at the face of poverty and not turn away.”
Thanksgiving will be relatable to the people because the time in holiday many charities are asking for donations. It makes some people think that others give only on holidays or give when they see someone else is giving.

The Children, Inc. ad that George’s refers to is reprinted here on p.699.
What does George mean by the “ emotional overload” of this image? Why do you think the Oxfam envelope promises not to include images like this?
The emotional overload of the image means the picture of a young girl in torn and ill-fitting clothes. Showing people a picture of a young girl will make them feel sad and guilty. Oxfam promises they most likely do not include images because they don't want people to give just because they are sympathetic or guilty but because they truly want to help

What purpose does George’s textual analysis serve? Where is that purpose mode explicit? What other purpose might her essay serve?
The purpose of this textual analysis is to let people who read the argument to know and feel about the poverty problem and changes the way people see the poor is. George wants people to know who are they helping and what are they

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