Dialog "Different Means of Travelling"

Topics: 2007 singles, Travel, Train Pages: 4 (1533 words) Published: January 5, 2013
L – daughter
O – father
S – mother

S: Darling, where're you? We've already been sitting here for 20 minutes. Come on! Leave your «Babe» for a while. It's important! L: Yeah, daddy, please. I'm very tired and I want to snooze (вздремнуть), but mom said that I wouldn't go to bed until we came to an agreement. O: All right, all right. I'm here. «Babe», I'll be back soon. S: Oh, your car won't disappear unlike us. If you want to stay at home with your dear bucket (груда металлолома), I can easily arrange it for you, and we with Susan will travel the world alone. O: Oh, women-women, what a wet blanket they are! (Murmuring) L: Daddy, we've heard every word you've said.

S: Well, we have to define 2 main points: the first one is where to go and the second one is which means of travelling to choose. O: As for me, there's nothing better than to travel by car – a good, fast car, I mean. When you're in a plane or smth like that you have to be driven by someone else, but travel by car is a more personal experience, for there you can drive yourself. S: Darling, your racer's past won't live till your death. How could you be so bigoted? You can't stop thinking about your racing car even for a minute! L: Mom, I think that you too exaggerate. Don't be jealous. I absolutely agree with dad. What can be better than a spin in his car at a weekend! What a thrill it's to feel the car rush forward and to feel the wind in your face! S: Sweetie, I know that car has a plenty of advantages, for example, it gives a possibility to go as slowly, or as fast as you wish, stop when and where you choose, get out at any time and walk where you like, but it has some disadvantages too. O: Can you tell them to us, please? I'm sure that you're going to recollect our last trip to Wales by car that was 10 years ago! Am I right? S: As always! I remember quite well how we got stuck in the mud and then got a flat tyre. Besides it was a real torture to ride on a bumpy road and had no conveniences at...
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