Topics: Game, Time, Music Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: February 21, 2013
A:hey~kai ying
B & C:hey~kai ying x2
A:what happen to you? y u did not answered me?
D:oh!sorry~~i am listening to the music,that why i cant hear u. B:wow.its look tat u are very concentrating on listening music! D:emm..actually i am studying while listening to music.
A:kai ying,i think u should not listen the music when u are studying since exam is coming.U may not able to give full focus to ur studies. D:i not think so. listen to music can release my mind.and let me gain energy. Nowadays, music is very popular for teen and all ages,study is too boring. the music can make us feel relieve, U are right , exam is in the corner so I need the music to reduce my stress. C:ya,i agree wit u too.i also have my own entertaintment.i like to watch tv! watch tv have a lots of benefits to me. Watch tv can get information in many different ways.Somemore i able to spent time with my family while me also can get relaxing from that.i know the news without viewing newspaper,because of the television deserve considered as the unlimited source of information. B:i not think so.tv cause addicted! waste time.....editing story. for me, i like to shopping!shopping..........exersice my leg too. A:shopping is luxury entertaintment.u need to spent money to get it.how u going to afford? u have no time to studies.. B:well.i think i will change my entertainemnt soon.

C:hey~ Suk Mun. What are u busy for tis whole day .We seeing that u are sit in front of the laptop since this morning until now. A:oh~i am palying onlines games!there are alots of interesthing games free to get from internet. c, i am playing warcraft and i have reached 98 level! B:oh no~suk mun.u should stop for that .u are addicted to onlines games. A:but this one oly my entertament

B:y not u choose to playing sports insted of palying games? athletics is one of the highest paid occupations in the world today.i gotta to train myself like dato lee. I wanna be a super star in badminton tourement .beside this,...
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