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Are social networking sites good for our society? What about our communication skills? Well there are many social networking sites out there. “35% of adults and 65% of teens in America who use the internet have profiles on social networking sites” (social networking pro/con). I feel because so how many have an account on these sites it is hurting our society. Additionally, people are not having face to face interaction, and these social networking sites are hurting peoples communication skills.

The social networking sites that are out there today are hurting today’s society, but it is also helping it out at the same time. These sites are hurting our society “I think Facebook is hurting peoples real-life social skills” says a student at CMU (cm-life.com). There social skills are just bringing down our society. On the other hand the social networking sites are good for our society because they have people provided an outlet for people who usually won’t talk in person, but they will talk online. So these sites definitely have their ups and downs. In my own opinion the social networking sites are hurting today’s society; these sites make it so people don’t have to talk face to face or even have to leave the comfort of their own couch to talk to someone online.

Communication is a big part of today’s society. All of these social networking sites that are out there, are hurting peoples communication skills. Almost all students would rather send a brief email. “According to Northern Michigan University, college students who used Facebook while studying, even just having it in the background, earned grades 20 percent lower on average the non- users in 2010” (thedonline.com). So, students don’t really do better when using the social networking sites. Like it says here, “social networking sites are designed to allow college students to maintain bonds with family and friends often separated by distance” (thedonline.com). The down sides to these sites are that they are...
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