Dexter: The Crime Thriller

Topics: Dexter Morgan, KILL, Bloodstain pattern analysis Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Dexter Morgan is America’s favorite serial killer. During the day Dexter works for Miami Metro Homicide as a blood splatter analysis. At night Dexter takes his work home with them and searches for the perpetrator to kill them. Many may not view Dexter as a hero, in my eyes he is. Dexter is one of the most watched series on television.

Dexter lives two separate lives. He loves his job as a blood splatter analysis. Everyday Dexter goes to a different crime scene. Dexter is able to tell how the victim died just by looking at the blood from the crime scene. In the begiinig of Dexter he met a women named Rita and got married. Dexter and Rita had a son named Harrison. Dexter is left to raise his son on his own. The murder of Rita was very hard on Dexter. Dexter appears to be a normal. loving, hardworking father. Dexter never lets anyone see the real him. He calls this side his “Dark Passenger”. His dark passenger has a certain code that he must follow to justify the kill. The only person that ever saw his dark passenger was Dexters father that adopted him.

The dark passenger inside of Dexter was born through certain tragic events. Dexter and his brother were found by his adopted father in a cargo box in a puddle of their mother’s blood. Her murder was something both brothers witnessed. They suffer irreparable psychological and emotional damage. (Dexter Profile) Dexter’s older brother Brian was affected differently than dexter. The show smartly provides us with a character double. . The effect of this character double is that Dexter’s killing appears reasonable, but reasonable only in contrast to the out of control murdering of his brother. If the show did not give us dexters brother, then Dexter would simply appear to us as he really is. (Dexter Psychoanalysis). Dexter ends up killing his brother because he was leading him down the wrong path.

Harry Dexter’s father figure realized Dexter had been killing neighborhood animals by discovering a mass...
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