Development Through Life Stages

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Development through life stages
There are 7 life stages that the majority of people live through, these life stages are listed below with the; physical, intellectual, Emotional and social factors that happening during these 7 life stages.

Physical - Conception starts when the egg meets the sperm and a baby is conceived. The egg is realised from the ovaries and travels down the fallopian tubes towards the uterus. After sexual intercourse has taken the place, the sperm is then ejaculated from the penis and enters the virgin. The sperm then passes through the cervix and travels to the uterus where it meets the egg. When the egg is realised it stays in the uterus for up to 5 days however the sperm only stays in the uterus for 3 days. As it only takes one sperm to fertilise an egg, the genetic material in the sperm meets with the genetic materials of the egg which then starts a new life. As a women realises thousands of eggs a year, only around half of these egg are fertilised eggs that are able to develop into babies.

Physical - Pregnancy begins when the sperm meets the egg. Within a day of meeting the single fertilised egg beings to divide, which allows the new eggs to make the fertilised egg the size of a pinhead. When this has happened the collection of eggs then travel to the lining of the uterus where it becomes anchored. Once the developing collection of cells has happen, this is then called an embryo where it is attached to the wall of the uterus where it beings to grow. As soon as the embryo has attached its self to the wall of the uterus, it then sends a chemical signal that stops the women from having another period. However sometimes this message is not sent, causing a women to still have a period while pregnant. After 8 weeks the embryo has grown approxitey 3-4cm. By this time the embryo has a recognisable heartbeat and the development of the eyes, ears, mouth, arms and legs begin, this is called a foetus. However by 20 weeks the foetus will have reached about half the length of the baby birth and by 32 weeks the foetus has reached half of its birth weight. During the remaining 7 months of the pregnancy the foetus will develop all of its organs. In this life stage, the hormones of the female will being to change dramatically. All pregnant women experience a sudden increase in estrogon and progesterone. In addition to this pregnant women will also experience an increase in other hormones within the body. The obvious physical changes in the human body while a women is pregnant are that the breast will develop. This is because the breast are producing milk for when the baby is born. The stomach will grow dramatically, this is because of the foetus growing inside the uterus wall. Intellectual- During this life stage, the intellectual state of the women will improve as she will learn new skills on how to look after a new born baby. Emotional- During pregnancy the emotions of the women will change dramatically, this is because of the different hormones being realised into body. It is also because she will be worried about the baby’s development, this is a natural reaction for a mother to be worried even if there is nothing wrong. This will cause the women to have a high level of stress.

Birth&infacy 0-3 years-
Throughout these years the development of a child; physically, intellectual, emotionally and social is huge. Physical - Nine months later after conception the baby will be born, it will have fully developed organs, unless the baby is premature or has health problems. The new born baby have to take digestible foods as the mother’s milk in the first week in order to grow better. A new born baby, needs supporting to sit up as they haven’t got the strength in the muscles or the control to hold themselves up, they can’t move objects will their hands deliberately. Over the space of moths the baby will learn to sit up by themselves so they no longer need the...
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