Development of a Hero

Topics: Tragedy, Iago Pages: 5 (1992 words) Published: September 3, 2013
The Development of a Hero
Leslie Smith 1494000
Professor Elrod-Sadler
Core 4
19 April 2013

Today when we think of heroes most people instantly think of professional athletes or movie stars. However, fame and talent simply does not make someone a hero in my book. To me, a hero is someone who has overcome great obstacles in their life, is highly motivated, displays honesty, courage, skill, decisiveness, is dedicated to helping others, and shows humility. I am going to examine two characters, one from early Western Civilization to modern day America. When I get done discussing their traits, one can see that the values from back in the time of Othello are basically the same as modern day American values.

The two men that I chose to analyze are Othello from Shakespeare’s play Othello, and a man by the name of Wes Moore, a man that I studied in Core 1. Both Othello and Wes Moore grew up in poverty and basically had the odds stacked against them. Othello, a black man from North Africa, was separated from his home and his family early in life. He grew up in exile, slavery, danger, and despair. Young Othello survived his unpromising life and made a good reputation for himself as being a skillful soldier and warrior, making him a valuable person to the Venetian government. In Venice, the Duke and the Senate pursued him for his great abilities, who put him in full martial and political command of Cyprus.

Wes Moore also beat the odds. After his father died, when he was a young boy, his mother moved the family from Baltimore to the Bronx to live with his grandparents. The neighborhood that he grew up in was run down and had lots of violence and drug deals. Even at a young age Wes got wrapped up with the wrong crowd. He was a drug runner for an elite drug seller in the Bronx, and he also was known to vandalize a few places too with his graffiti. Since Wes had early academic problems and behavioral problems, his mother sent him off to military school. At first, he hated his mom for doing this to him. He was very self-centered, and was blinded by this to even realize all the things his mother was trying to do for him, to allow him to have a better life. Wes eventually turned his life around, and realized how much his mother was doing for him. He eventually graduated as a commisional officer from Valley Forge Military College and went on to Hopkins University where he played football. Wes earned his bachelor in International Relations, and also became a Rhodes Scholar. After graduating from JHU, he went to Oxford University to study International Relations there as well. When Wes graduated from there, he became a paratrooper and captain in the U.S. Army, and served a combat tour of duty in Afghanistan with his 1st Brigade of the 82nd division. He also served as a White House fellow to Secretary of State, Condeleeza Rice, and serves on the board of the Iraq Afghanistan veterans of America. One of his greatest achievements was finding the organization called Stand, which works with Baltimore youth involved in the criminal justice system. This organization is committed to helping parents, teachers, and advocates who serve our nations youth.

In the following paragraphs I am going to discuss many values/traits that both Othello and Wes Moore have and portrayed in order for them to have success and recognition, as well as being well-respected heroes of their time.

One of the most important traits in a hero is their courageous nature. In order for a hero to be courageous, they must be willing to face their fears and meet them head on. A hero must be willing to make hard decisions, even when the likely outcome is grim. They are also committed to the notion of what is right and has the determination to keep pushing forward no matter what. In Othello’s case, even though he was considered an outsider, he still had the courage to do the right think and fight for the people’s safety that he barely knew,...
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