Development of the modern submarine

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January 30 2013
The Development of the Modern Submarine
Since the invention of the submarine, all water travel and warfare have dramatically changed. A submarine is an underwater vessel that men have transformed since it was first introduced to being a perfect underwater machine that moves like a fish. The first serious proposal for a ship designed to travel underwater was made by the English mathematician William Bourne in 1578. It is rumored that Alexander the great walked under water in a bell like shaped device that acted as a submarine. In 1776 David Bushnell invented a submarine that was nearly totally round in shape and was made of wood propelled by a man turning a crank with a propeller. Nearly 100 years later in 1864 an American invented the H. L. Hunley submarine which was operated by nine men turning a long crank to propel it. It was used in the US civil war. Three years later, the first steam powered submarine called the, Ictineo II, was invented and was used. After all these years submarines were made not really for combat but during and after world war one, nations began using submarines to attack opponent’s ships. This added to submarines things such as missiles, torpedo’s, high-speed propellers and periscopes to assist them to acquire and destroy targets above the sea level. The first working submarine was made in 1620. It was called the Drebbel and it was tested by Cornelius Drebbel. The current most advanced submarine is a 1 billion dollar submarine called the Deadly Hunter Killer Submarine. Submarines have been great at diving to depths that no man can dive to without protective armor and a major question is how this is possible. The answer lies in their structure and build. They are built following Archimedes’ principle and Boyle’s law.

Submarines are completely enclosed vessels with cylindrical shapes, narrowed ends and two hulls: the inner hull and the outer hull. The inner hull protects the crew from the immense...

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