Developing Self

Topics: Critical thinking, Management, Thought Pages: 9 (3292 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Part 1 : Introduction
In the world of business, there are many competition in every single business industry. Every organization would like to success and achieve goal on their business. Besides of compete in the products or services, the important thing of every organization is human resources. There are many factors (e.g. obalization, economy, trend) that might be effect to the organization at the present time. The one thing that can lead the organization to be success is the self-development programme that build the effective manager like Boydell (1985, p.164) argued that ‘experience shows that self-development programmes can have a number of benefits for the organization’. Every organization need the effective manager to bring the company to success. Therefore, the effective manager should have the characteristic and skill that benefit to the organization. Whetten and Cameron(1998) demonstrate that the characteristic of effective manager should have the essential management skill (e.g. self-awareness, delegating, managing conflict, team building, managing time ans stress etc.) Coopey, Beech, Chambers, McLean (1990, p.15) also state that ‘The good manager should do identified typically such activities as planning communicating, monitoring, motivating, and decision making’. It shown that not only the knowledge of manager that can bring successful to the company, but many skills of effective manager also important. Most of manager have to work with different kind of people who come from different background, different education or different culture. So, it is necessary thing that manager should to understand and know yourself in term of their skill, ability, self-awareness,strength and weakness to work with other people. So, the effective manager should to develop themselves to improve their ability. Self-Analysis

Before go to self-development, self-analysis is the first step that continuous to self development. There are a few benefit of self-analysis that very useful for developing self. A benefit of self analysis is that it can help you have a deep understanding of myself. Honey (1998) suggested that it is the basic right to know how you are doing, but the most effective is feedback from other people because it can open to the possibility of self-improvement. Another beneficial is self-analysis help you to know yourself and know about what is your capable of handling before embarking on a new episode in life (Berman, 2007). The last benefit is self-analysis help you to know yourthinking and feeling. Grainger (1994) supported that ‘Analyse represent the thinking, feeling and analytical type of person. Therefore, after I analyse myself, I will know that which point I have to maintain or improve and which point I have to eliminate. Self-development

After I know more about myself, The next step is self-development. A benefit of self-development is that it give me a way to improve myself and know the importance of lifelong learning. Moreover, it make me know that I can use the various method to handle something that might be change in the future (Megginson and Whitaker,1996). From this statement, the developing self is the first step that very important to change and develop myself to be the good manager in the future. Another benefit of self-development is that it help you to know your new abilities, different outlooks, new feelings and make personal changes. The result of self-development make you feel that you are a better person, more effective and finally, come to be the effective manager. You will know your skills and abilities that you already had and adding more in the same or new things. Then you will got the better outcomes (Boydell, 1985). As you can see from this statement, It can reflect that If I understand my self more, I can live in this social with reasonable and effectively more than the other people who don’t know themselves. Another benefit is that self-development helps you to gain more in...
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