Detergent Market

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Market Analysis on Detergents

The Detergent Market is one of the segments of the FMCG market in India that has high growth potential. The detergent based segment is divided into two broad categories - oil-based laundry soaps and synthetic detergents, including bars, powder, and liquids. The detergent market is mainly concentrated in the urban areas but the level of penetration in the rural for the past few years has been good. 

Market segmentation
Detergent market in India can be further divided into four sub categories. • Concentrates and Compact Segment for washing machines such as, Surf Excel, Henko, Ariel, etc. • Premium Segment such as Surf Excel, Henko, Ariel, etc. • Mass Premium and Mid Price Segment such as Rin, Mr.White, Tide, and other regional brands • Popular Segment such Nirma, Wheel, Chek, 501, etc.


Detergent Market – Segmentation

The detergent consumption in India is less in comparison to the other Asian countries. The per capita detergent consumption in India is around 2.7 kg per year, whereas places like Philippines and Malaysia, the per capita consumption is 3.7 kg, and in USA it is around 10 kgs. The detergent market in India is expected to have a growth rate of 7 % to 9 % per year in terms of volume. The major players in the detergent market are the Uni Lever and Nirma. The Uni Lever dominates the premium and mid priced segment, and the Nirma dominates the low priced segment.

Competitive Analysis

Ghari is the market leader with a market share of 17.3%, Wheel is at number 2 with a share of 16.9%, Tide is 3rd with a market share of 13.5%. Nirma has market share of less than 6% now. Interesting facts. HUL is still the overall market giant with Wheel, Rin and Surf (one product for each segment) doing well. But Ghari is now the overall market leader.


Launched in 1987 by Hindustan Unilever Limited, Wheel is one of the India's top...
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