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We express our sincere gratitude to Dr.S.K. Laroiya for giving us the opportunity to undergo this project. We further thank him for lending a helping hand when it came to solving our problem related to the project. This project would not have been possible without his valuable time and support. We also thank Amity Business School for an opportunity to undertake a soft skill project at this crucial time in our life in MBA which helped us to understand the topics deeply which were untouched before. Any suggestions to improve are always welcomed.

To Whom It May Concern:
I, Dr. S.K. Laroiya, hereby authorize the following students, to conduct a comparative study on detergents. They are authorized to act on my behalf in all manners relating to conducting of this study. Any and all acts carried out by them on my behalf shall have the same affect as acts of mine. Name of Students: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Siddharth Saraswat Saurabh Kumar Ankush Garg Mohd. Haris Khan Abhilash Mishra Getanjali

This authorization is valid until further written notice from me.


Dr. S.K. Laroiya (H.O.D. Economics Dept. ABS)

With the increase in per capita income and wide range of choices being available, consumers are main focus for many detergent producing organizations. With competition at its all time peak and with changing trends in demand the companies are finding it hard to survive or to retain their market share. In order to lure the consumers, companies study the quantity being purchased by consumers and at what price. We here try to find out how these factors, confining ourselves to detergent market of India, and many other factors effect the demand of consumers for detergents.

Executive Summary
This is based on our research work on Detergents, being FMCG, it made us go to households and interact to find out the consumer’s buying behavior. Our objectives were to find out what are the main features consumers look in detergents while buying, brand loyalty towards a particular brand, major reasons of switching from one brand to the other. To gather the data we used the questionnaires method. This data was fed in a data analysis tool SPSS. With the help of which we analysed and interpreted the data gathered, pertaining the buying behavior of consumers. Along with questionnaires, we also used Internet to find out about the detergent industry and the various brands available. There are more than 10 brands available in the Indian market, but we have chosen 6 major brands. The Indian laundry market is Rs 5000 crore, with HUL enjoying highest 38% of share, followed by others like P&G, Nirma, Ghari etc. Detergent bar comprises of 43% of market share and powder enjoying the rest 57%. The brands which we tapped are Nirma, Ariel, Surf, Tide, Wheel, Surf Excel and leaving others as option. Competition in this market is really high with HUL, P&G, Nirma etc strategizing and innovating to capture the market. The research design used in our research was descriptive incorporating knowledge from secondary information analysis, qualitative research, methodology selection, question measurement & scale selection, questionnaire design and sample design to be used. And simple random sampling was done. Target customers were mainly housewives, bachelors and others who are using detergents. The age group was not defined. Area where research is done is UP, Delhi & NCR because of the convenience factor. Marjory Quantitative Techniques like frequency distribution and cross tabulation to make interpretations

Findings … ka 1 para likhna padega… after u write recommendations……likhna hai..

Introduction to Project

Detergent is a material intended to assist cleaning. The term is sometimes used to differentiate between soap and other surfactants used for cleaning. As an adjective pertaining to a substance, it (or "detersive") means "cleaning" or "having cleaning properties"; "detergency" indicates presence...
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