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Centre for Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast Asia WORKING DRAWINGS : DETAILING [ARC 2613] Prerequisite: Building Construction 2 Abstract This module is aimed at introducing students to the requirements, activities and operations involved in working in the architectural / construction industry in Malaysia. Focus will be on DRAWINGS (the DETAILING of design and/or architectural drawings). Objectives      Create awareness and understanding among students of the existence and application of the Uniform Building by Laws and similar Building Regulations existing nationally and internationally Introduce students to the existence of drawing conventions relating to plans, sections and details as drawn components Strengthen ability of students to demonstrate and communicate understanding of construction details via the production of orthographc drawings Generate an awareness among students with regards the different activities that occur within the typical architect’s office Introduce students to the requirements of keeping log-books and accurate/informative project documentation.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the subject, students will be exposed to drawings that: 1. Comply to authorities’ procedures and requirements with regards planning or building submission drawings 2. Comply with relevant by-laws 3. Are appropriate for submission / tender. 4. Serve an appropriate purpose for the various stages work as defined by PAM / RIBA scope of works.

Format This is a 3 credit hour subject held over 7 weeks. Venue: Lecturers: Office-based Keith Tan(KT)

Briefing / workshop session(s) will be conducted to brief students with regards the documentation process. Office sessions in the form of on-the-job visits will be conducted to assess the application of the information gained from the workshop sessions and to maintain a sense of professional conduct and urgency.  As each office assignment will be set to achieve different milestones, completion (and documentation) of all assignments is compulsory. It is important for students to attend and participate actively in officebased meetings with lecturers as each tutorial will achieve different milestones as stated in the calendar below. Students should be self-directed in their work and time management. SABD – Working Drawings (Detailing) (ARC 2613), Oct 2012

  

Tutorials will be conducted in the form of individual / group discussions where appropriate in the office. Students are required participate in all company activities as directed by their individual employers. This is compulsory and leads to the final assessment of the module. Students should work vigorously on their projects during the time between office-visits

References 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Uniform Building By-Laws of Malaysia, International Law Book Services, Kuala Lumpur 2009 Building Technology (3rd edition or later)-, Ivor H. Seeley, MacMillan 1991Architects’ Working Details, The Architects’ Journal, David Jenkins & Louis Dezart, London 1989 Builders’ Detail Sheets (2nd edition or later), Sam Smith, E & FN SPON, London 1995Metric Handbook, Patricia Tutt, David Adler, Butterworth Architecture 1993-

Assessment There are 3 separate assessments that will determine the grade awarded for this module, including a written report that will also serve as a portfolio stub. Task 1 40% (WEEKLY, FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT) Every week, from Week 1 – Week 7. Students will be required to keep a weekly logbook of activities, to be discussed with lecturers and assessed via lecturer / employer observation & feedback. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENT : Logsheet(s) suitably compiled, evidence of drawings done over each weekly period. Task 2 30% (OVERALL EMPLOYER FEEDBACK) : Week 7 Students will be assessed via written feedback from their employer covering 3 separate areas, namely: 1) ABILITY TO HANDLE PROJECT WORK AND DRAWING TASKS SATISFACTORILY 2) TIME MANAGEMENT AND...

References: SABD – Working Drawings (Detailing) (ARC 2613), Oct 2012
Assessment Criteria (Drawn info):
SABD – Working Drawings (Detailing) (ARC 2613), Oct 2012
Assessment Details Assessment Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 TOTAL
Excellent Very Good Good
SABD – Working Drawings (Detailing) (ARC 2613), Oct 2012
SABD – Working Drawings (Detailing) (ARC 2613), Oct 2012
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