Topics: Ancient Egypt, Narmer, Early Dynastic Period of Egypt Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: April 27, 2014
Kyasia White
Advanced Outline

I. Introduction
II. Summaries of both The Palette of Narmer and Stele of Naram- Sin III. Compare similarities of the two
IV. Compare differences
V. Conclusion

I. Introduction:
a. The Narmer Palette dates from the early Dynastic period and was found in the temple of Horus at Hierakonpolis Employs many representational conventions that would dominate royal Egyptian art from this point on b. Stele of Naram- Sin is from an artist of Mesopotamia. The artwork shows order and security from the ruler Naram- Sin Mesopotamia developed a visual language that celebrated and communicated the political stratification that gave order and security to their world

II. Summaries of both the Palette of Narmer and Stele of Naram- Sin: c. The Palette of Narmer represents the unification of Egypt and the beginning of the countries growth as a powerful nation-state. The hierarchic scale signals the importance of Narmer by him being larger than other figures. Narmer, ruler of Upper Egypt is in firm control of Lower Egypt. Figures on the palette are shown in composite poses

Representing the human figure as a conceptualized composite was to be followed for millennia in Egypt Importance is that it looks like a piece of art of Egypt
d. Stele of Naram- Sin tells a story of one of his important military victories. Shows hierarchic scale His preeminence is signaled by size being the largest person in the artwork The ruler speaks to his sacred and political authority as leader of the state

III. Compare similarities of two
I .Hierarchic scale
Largest figure in artwork
ii. Both defeated enemies
iii. Show divine power in artwork
Male bodies are long, broad shoulders, shows profile
Torso is frontal
Always show one foot in front of other
iv. Headdress
Represents royalty
v. Both narratives

IV. Compare Differences
i. Palette of Narmer artist from Upper Egypt, Narmer- Sin artist from Mesopotamia ii. Palette of Narmer, servant...
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