Destroying Avalon

Topics: Bullying, Adolescence, Abuse / Pages: 4 (940 words) / Published: May 22nd, 2013
Book Review: Destroying Avalon by Venus Pham
Published in 2006, ‘Destroying Avalon’ is a Young Adult fiction novel written by Katie McCaffrey. It depicts the story of Avalon, a 14 year old girl, whose life drastically changes when she moves from the country side of Grace Point to the city of Sorrento. As she enters a new school she becomes a target of a bullying campaign which escalates to being bullied both face to face and through blogging sites. Attacked by strangers and people she knows, the novel gives a strong insight towards teenage struggle and betrayal. ‘Destroying Avalon’ explores the effects of bullying, search for identity and adolescent peer pressure. The novels illustrates not just only the hurt and sorrow a victim of bullying feels but how bullying can potentially destroy people internally. ‘Destroying Avalon’ is a compelling book about bullying, hardships and importance of friendships.
In ‘Destroying Avalon’, the story is told through the eyes of Avalon. I believe this technique is powerful and effective as this allows for the readers to connect and sympathise with her on a deeper emotional level. By writing in first person perspective, I was able to comprehensively understand her thoughts and feelings.
When I read how the bullying began and the torment Avalon continuously endured, I would often ask myself what I would do if I was in Avalon’s situation. I know I would have the strength and support to end it so initially I was confused and quite furious that Avalon did not defend herself. However, as I continued to read on, I began to understand why she chose not to stand up her to bullies and saw how the bullying affected her. Avalon was emotionally broken and felt that she was in an unsafe environment where she was alienated and unheard. The novel allowed for me to develop a whole new perspective on bullying and the importance of having a strong support network.
Though I have not experience bullying firsthand, I found that there are moments in

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