Design Philosophy

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What is a design philosophy in general terms? In general terms, a design philosophy is a guide to help make choices when designing such as ergonomics, costs, economics, functionality and methods of re-design. My design philosophy is

Before any designs, illustrations or drawings are being created, inspirations are important. Being inspired matters. They give us a sense of direction regarding what you would want to achieve and what we would want to create. Inspirations are not about plagiarising. A designer doesn’t just copy directly from what they see or what they are inspired by, however, they change it, and they make it unique. You have to put in a dash of your own creativity into it to make it yours.

Before I begin with anything, sourcing or looking for inspirations is the first thing that I would do. They help me generate creative thinking in my brain and produces ideas and concepts for me to develop on. Being an enthusiast with the Asian entertainment music industry and a fan of graphic designs, it is where I would mostly get my inspirations from. The Asian entertainment music industry is an inspiration to me due to their ever-changing trends in music genres and also fashion from time to time. It is also where I get my colours inspirations for my designs.

Also, from there, I get inspired with graphic designs. Most of the time, I am fascinated with the interesting graphic prints on the celebrity’s clothing. To me, the prints are beautifully and interestingly designed, and it grabs my attention. Graphic designs, to me, are an interesting platform to work on. Not only I get to display my computer and software abilities, I am able to play around with colours with just a few clicks of the mouse, and I am also able to put in some of the design elements and principles in it too.

The design principles that mostly affect my designs are repetition – in terms of fonts, rhythm, and contrast – in terms of colors,...
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