Design of Sound Activated Remote Control and Alarm System Utilizing Mobile Phone

Topics: Mobile phone, Remote control, Rotary dial Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: February 19, 2013
“Design of Sound Activated Remote Control and Alarm System Utilizing Mobile Phone”. Project Feasibility Study for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology


Nowadays, when delinquency has more and more expanded and burglary, even car theft has become a social phenomenon and due to the limitation of infrared remote control in terms of control distance from the electrical equipment which not exceed in 30 feet or 10 meters and require line of sight when communicating with each other that you cannot easily access the equipment when you’re not in home or away from your car. This project study able to provide a solution for security and electronic devices conveniences.

Design of sound activated remote control and alarm system utilizing mobile phone has been developed for security purposes and safety conveniences of electrical and electronic equipments with no phone call charges. The proposed design consists of the designed interface board and two cellular phones: one as a controller and the other as a transceiver. Whenever the status of the alarm changes, an automatic dial triggering of transceiver mobile phone will activated to alert the controlling mobile phone. Alternatively, the controlling mobile phone can turn on and off the equipment that connected to system by calling the transceiver mobile phone from any place that have mobile phone signal coverage. Findings of the project study showed that the design and developed circuit of mobile phone that used available local parts in the market is working properly for safety conveniences. It was user friendly through cellular communication and it effectively turns on and off electrical equipments through missed call triggering where you can easily access your equipments even if you’re not in the house or in holiday vacation. It proves that the ring detection circuit of the proposed project avoids phone call charges to the caller resulting to low cost maintenance compared to other...
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