Descriptive Writing of a Beach

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I wander through the lonely street, there was only me and the gloom of the night, I lighted up a cigarette and I was thinking deeply about my life, yes my life, really messed up I don’t know any more what I was doing;I had a great family but I have left them for another women, she is fantastic but when I see my daughter.I understand that I’ve lost her, forever. Everything has changed not only my life but also every face I meet it seems different, my friends, but does the friendship exist? How does it feel being faithful and trustable? I really don’t know anymore who I am, where I’m suppose to be? I have a lot of question but there is only one answer: everybody makes mistakes, for love or just because they don’t know any more what they are doing. I was about to go to my ex wife house for ask forgiveness and I heard a scream of fear, I went inside an alley wane and I could hear a girl screaming at the end of the street I took some courage and for the first time in my life I understood that was without a meaning I was not happy and now it was the first time that I could appear an hero to the eyes of my daughter, so I went there and there was a little girl with a men, I realized he was a soldier because I’ve seen him before in Iraq, and he was raping this girl so I took all of my strength of will, and I helped the girl but the soldier had a knife and he hit me on the chest i could feel the warm blood going down but he went away and for the first time i felt like doing something good,the girl was around fifteen years old and she called the 911 i was with the eyes semiclosed i could hear the bell of the ambulance,everything seemed far to me, I was about to die,may be the best thing happened in all my life, I opened my eyes for the last time and i could see all my family around me looking at me with their blazing eyes. I felt something on me it was the regret.

The regret killed me .

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