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Topics: Rooms, Bathroom, Bathtub Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: January 29, 2012
An apartment is a self contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building. Apartments may be owned (by an owner/occupier) or rented (by tenants). My first apartment was located in Brooklyn in the Flatbush section. It was a small but very conveniently located third floor apartment in a elevator building. The building only had five floors with a see through glass lobby entrance. The building had a doorman that worked from four until midnight. He was a very pleasant middle aged gentleman with a carribean accent. The lobby had a sunken waiting area with black leather sofa and arm chairs that looked like they were bought in the 1960`s, but well maintained. When you came into the building in the evening you could smell the strong scents of all types of seasoning especially curry due to the Indian family living near the elevator. When riding the elevator up to my apartment it would shake from side to side and occasionally would hold someone captive until the elevator repairman came to get them out. My apartment was located on the third floor. It had a small foyer with a small closet to the left, a living room that measured 11 feet by 17 feet . It also had a very small kitchen that only one person could cook in at a time otherwise you would be constantly bumping into the other cook. Next to the small kitchen was a half size bathroom whose vanity mirror would steam up due to not having any windows or a proper working ventilation duct. When you came out the bathroom to your right was a small bedroom that you could only get a minimal amount of furniture in. Basically this apartment was in the shape of a box that was sectioned off into four areas. To make it into a home I started with the living room, I painted the walls chocolate brown and bought a sofa to match. The sofa was made of a furry material so I bought an orange chaise lounge to go with the sofa. I also bought earth tone curtains to mellow out the loud look of the orange chaise. I placed the orange...
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