Descriptive Essay

Topics: Language, Sense, Feeling Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: December 1, 2008
Descriptive Essay

Children learn from use of their senses. They learn by recognizing a collection of sights and feelings, and making a connection to a symbol and a word. Elaborate on this basic principal and the human language is formed. The evolution of language began with the ability to communicate basic needs, and opened the gateway to a greater level of feeling and expression.

The first people to harness the power of feelings into words had the right idea. It’s certain that the most basic objects of the greatest necessity were described first. But once established, language developed into the labyrinth we know it to be today. To become well versed in any language, Baby must first recognize the round, entertaining, bouncy thing that makes her sweet face glow with excitement as a ball, if she’s speaking English, pelota for Spaniards, or balle for the French. Once the basics are established subtleties begin to be observed. Baby has learned ball, but distinguishing between her ball and Tommy’s ball depends on the feelings and sights associated with both of them. Baby may at first be excited for the new ball, but humans being creatures of habit, doesn’t find the same comfort she knows in her own ball. Or maybe, Baby just doesn’t like the way Tommy’s ball looks. Conflicted with feelings of excitement and then realization of disapproval brings Baby to terms with the conflicted feeling she will carry throughout most of life. On an elevated level of confliction, no combination of letters can give voice the feelings in airport terminals. Every array of color, language and custom can be found in this port of world travelers. The hazy aroma of spices from the east combines with the pungent smell of chemicals attempting to mask the filth emanating from sheer volume the airport sees each day. The people impatiently waiting to board their flights are often quite doleful, save the few excited children headed for a Disney vacation. Nail biters, shifty eyed...
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