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Descriptive Essay

By flashg326 Oct 14, 2014 280 Words

A scene of melancholy unfolds as the cold unfriendly clouds arrive to cover up a once beautiful sunny day. The outcries of the public echo throughout this cold, cramped alley. The blaring sounds of emergency sirens pierce their ears like fingernails to a chalkboard. The sickening sweet and musky odor of tragedy permeates the air leaving the crowd nauseated, uneasy, and bitter. They are outraged at the unfortunate outcome they see before their eyes. At the center of this horrific and somber setting was a girl.

She was 12 years of age. Young, vibrant, and innocent she was. She has beautiful short brown curly hair that rests upon the cold grey pavement that is all around her. Her face looks cold, pale, and numb. Her eyes are wide open; however, completely unaware of the mourning and depressed faces that gaze upon her. Her nose is pointing upward towards the dreary and gloomy sky above signaling the direction that she is heading to. Her mouth is partially open with her four top red teeth visible to the public. A probably used to have a pure white smile that could melt the coldest of hearts. Now, that smile is a red disgusting mess that would terrify an innocent infant. Her upper body is enveloped in a crimson mass that blankets her like a warm bed sheet. In the middle of her chest there is an ugly, unsightly, and merciless hole. A hole that steals away the beauty from her beautiful dark silk skin.

This unbecoming nightmare was unfairly shown to these unwilling strangers. The image of her is now burned in to their minds filling them with nothing but sorrow and despair.

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