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1. Globalization, Science and Technology – 12.11.12 – 17.01.13

12.11.12 – 18.11.12 - PLEASURE READING: a book of 200-300 pages. 19.11.12 – 25.11.12 – Bennett Arnold Claribel (p.9);
26.11.12 – 02.12.12 – Boyle Coraghessan Greasy Lake (p.37); R. Bradbury From Stonehenge to Tranquility Base (p.47) 03.12.12 – 09.12.12 –Cheever John The Angel on the Bridge (p.63) 10.12.12 – 16.12.12 – R. Dahl Mrs Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat (p.73), Man From the South (p.88) 17.12.12 – 23.12.12 – W.Faulkner The Dance (p.125); Doctorow E.L. Wakefield (p.99) 24.12.12 – 30.12.12 – E.Hemingway Cat in the Rain (p.145), The Snows of Kilimanjaro (p. 150); A Very Short Story (p.149) Forester Edward The Other Side of the Hedge (p. 138); King Martin Luther I Have a Dream (p. 170) 31.12.12 – 06.01.13 – Forester Edward The Other Side of the Hedge (p. 138); King Martin Luther I Have a Dream (p. 170) 07.01.13 – 13.01.13 – INDIVIDUAL READING: Notes from a A Severed Head by Iris Murdoch 14.01.13 – 20.01.13 – PLEASURE READING: a book of 300 pages a term.

Problems for Discussion

Home Reading:
1. Love in its various forms – filial, fraternal, erotic, and parental – is the most important relationship in our lives. It absorbs our interest and affects our lives. In his story Claribel Arnold Bennett describes a trivial love relationship between the painter and Claribel which eventually ends in marriage. What is the general slant of the story? How does it facilitate to convey the author’s attitude to love and the institution of marriage? Interpret the message of the story in detail. 2. Greasy Lake by T. C. Boyle is an initiation story about three boys in search of “something they have yet to find”. Like most teenagers, these boys are rebellious and involve themselves in socially deviated behavior. What do you think is the source of teenage violence? What will be the consequence of their actions? Do you face the same problem in the community you live in? 3. In his pamphlet From Stonehenge to Tranquility Base Ray Bradbury appeals to the world community to carry on with space exploration. Comment on the leitmotif of the essay Space travel is the single most important thing that man has ever done in his long history. What do you know about the present-day national space programs? How does the space research affects our everyday life? 4. In his story Mrs Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat Roald Dahl addresses the theme of infidelity within marriage. Prove that Dahl’s stories are funny, macabre but always amusing and entertaining. How do you think the Bixby family life will continue? What is the author’s message? 5. Speak on Hemingway’s “iceberg style” as revealed in your Home Reading stories by this author. 6. Dwell on the significance of the symbols in the story The Snows of Kilimanjaro by E. Hemingway.

Individual Reading

Present the message of the book A Severed Head by Iris Murdoch. How does the author reveal it through the events described, through the characters acting in the novel? Speak on the composition: comment on the exposition, climax and denouement of the novel.

Pleasure Reading

Speak on the message of one of the books you’ve read. How does the author convey it? What are the peculiarities of his/her style? Give a character sketch of any personage from the story. Formulate your opinion of the novel.

Skills to be developed and practiced at Oral Communication Classes:

Presenting your material: public speech
Evaluating classmates' public speech presentation
Interviewing and reporting on your interview
Organizing and taking part in a group discussion

Зимняя сессия:
Экзамен по практике устной речи Публичное выступление по теме должно сопровождаться мультимедийной презентацией в обязательном порядке.

1. Интерпретация текста
2. Презентация публичного выступления с использованием мультимедийного проектора (IX семестр) 3. Тест
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