Describe The Cell Cycle

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Describe the cell cycle. Include in your discussion the role cyclins and CDKs play in controlling this cycle.

The cell cycle is a process that cells undergo to grow, reproduce, and divide to make 2 daughter cells. The cell cycle has different stages including G1, S, G2, and the M phase. Also we have the G0 phase. There are checkpoints that control the transitions between the phases of the cell cycle in which the process is regulated by cyclins and cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs).
G1 is known as the First Gap Phase. This where the cells grow, increase in size, and also make new proteins and organelles. This phase can take about S phase is where DNA synthesis occurs and a copy of the DNA is made in the nucleus. G2 is known as the Second Gap Phase where the cell grows and prepares for cell division. G1,,S, and G2 phases all make up interphase of cellular division. During the M phase, mitosis and cytokinesis occurs. In mitosis, 4 stages of cellular division occur: prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. In cytokinesis, the cytoplasm of the cell splits, making 2 new cells. The G0 phase is known as the resting state. This is where cells are not actively dividing.
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These are regulators of the cell cycle and they are important because we do not cells to undergo cell division infinitely. Not only, but regulation of the cell cycle is necessary so that the cycle can go on to the next phase at the proper time. Cyclins bind to CDKs to form a complex, which acts as a signal to allow the cell to move to the next phase in the cell cycle. Cyclins are a group of proteins and they are Cyclin D, Cyclin E, Cyclin A, and Cyclin B (show up in that order). CDKs are group of enzymes that can become functional to modify target proteins, to make it more or less active. We have CDK 4/6, CDK 2, and CDK

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