Describe Sexual and Gender Identity, the Distinction Between Them, and the Factors That Influence Them.

Topics: Gender, Sex, Male Pages: 3 (763 words) Published: November 23, 2012
In physiological side, the sex identity is regarding the appearance of the external sex organs at the birth of an infant. Hence, the sex identity of boy or girl is usually straight forward related to biological.

On the other hand, the gender identity is more complicated. It cannot be focus on biological process and it may affect by many aspects. Firstly, the behavior of males and females always affect by different culture and society. Each culture has their own sex roles standards and can change as time goes on. For example, there is big difference viewpoint when we look at a transvestist nowadays. We can accept this is a trendy and they are fashionable. Even though many parents can gradually accept their son or daughter is a transgender, they will try their best to lead their children in the appropriate sex roles from infancy stage. Girl must wear dress in pink and play with their “Barbie” doll. Whereas, boy must play with their car or transformers toys. Also boy should be stronger than girl and protect them always. Crying is for girl only. Hence, the major influences on the child’s adoption of typical masculine or typical feminine are their parents’ attitudes. In general, tomboy is easier to accept by people than effeminate behavior for boys.

The sex-roles of cultures that are radically different from our own. According to Margaret Mead's studying of three tribes, the Arapesh, the Mundugumor and the Tchambuli, she found that few sex role differences in the Arapesh and the Mundugumor. The males and females of the Arapesh were passive, gentle and co-operative. The Mundugumor were aggressive, restrictive and fierce. The Tchambuli appeared to be a complete reversal of the typical male and female sex-roles as we know them. The women were independent and aggressive whilst the men were considered sentimental and emotional. Such finding indicated a great deal of cultural and social influences on the child's formation of either male or female....
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