Deportation: Immigration and Honest Illegal Immigrants

Topics: Immigration, Deportation, Immigration to the United States Pages: 3 (1095 words) Published: April 15, 2014
Onyx Flores
Ms. Best
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Stop Deportation

What has our nation come to? Separating children from their parents. Aren’t children in America a number one priority? It’s clear that illegal immigrants looking for an immigration reform is a huge issue, there are many things holding our nation back from giving the ones in need one. Perhaps, Terrorist Threat, Economic Reasons & even Violence. However, it’s time that justice has to be made for those who come to this country to make a better future for their families. Over a decade illegal immigrants have been discriminated, being called “illegal aliens” and mistreated for only coming to this country to give their family a better place to live. It is unfair how adults are trying to build up a better life for themselves, having children in this country and getting deported. This affects children in many ways emotionally & mentally.

It is obvious that America has been deporting these “aliens” as easy as one, two, three just thinking about their benefit but not thinking of the children who are being separated from their parents. The government believes keeping illegal “aliens” out will prevent Terrorist attacks and Economic issues, when the truth is they are only affecting our own nation. Deportations leave many U.S.-citizen children with unauthorized parents in foster care, “often for no other reason than the undocumented status of a parent,” at a cost of nearly $26,000 per year for each child. Nowadays the cost of deporting a single person back to their native homeland reaches tens of thousands. Instead of the government saving up money, they are only wasting it on an issue that can simply be solved if we understood the magnitude of how complicated is to deport people back to their countries. Daily, unauthorized immigrants live in constant fear of deportation, which creates a large number of single mothers struggling to make ends meet after the deportations of their husbands...
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