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If the span of control is narrow, then there will be many management levels. That is, there will be many managers. This organisation structure is called “Tall Organisation Structure”. Diagram of Tall Organisation

Following diagram gives a sample visual preview of how a Tall Organisation Structure looks like.

Advantages of Tall Organisation

1. Advantages / Merits / Benefits of Tall Organisation are :- 2. The quality of performance will improve due to close supervision. 3. Discipline will improve.
4. Superior - Subordinate relations will improve.
5. Control and Supervision will become easy and convenient.
6. The manager gets more time to plan and organise the future activities. 7. The efforts of subordinates can be easily coordinated.
8. Tall Organisation encourages development of staff.
9. There is mutual trust between superior and subordinates.

Disadvantages of Tall Organisation

1. Tall Organisation creates many levels of management.
2. There are many delays and distortion in communication.
3. Decisions and actions are delayed.
4. It is very costly because there are many managers. The managers are paid high salaries. 5. It is difficult to coordinate the activities of different levels. 6. There is strict supervision. So the subordinates do not have any freedom. 7. Tall Organisation is not suitable for routine and standardised jobs. 8. Here, managers may became more dominating.

If the span of control is wide, then there will be fewer management levels. That is, there will be fewer managers. This organisation structure is called “Flat Organisation Structure”. Diagram below gives a sample visual preview of how a flat organisation structure must look like.

Advantages of Flat Organisation Structure

Benefits or advantages of a flat organisation structure are as follows: 1. Flat Organisation is less costly because it has only few managers. 2. It creates fewer levels of management....
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